About Quickhit™

Quickhit™ allows the user to quickly and easily align their eye with the optic axis of the scope. We tested and found that it has specific advantages in scopes which have no parallax adjustment such as the Trijicon ACOG® and other non-holographic scopes utilized on service rifles, SBRs and EBRs. It is particularly useful in Mid-Range, Across the Course and 3-Gun competitions. Any where rapid engagement and tight shot placement is wanted.

The scope cover slides over the rear of the scope eyepiece and is self-centering on the eyepiece. It provides a level of protection to the rear lens that minimizes scratching and optic damage when in use. It can be easily removed for cleaning of the Quickhit™ window or the rear eyepiece of the scope. When not in use the flip up cover can be closed for ultimate protection from the elements or other contaminants.


Ready identification of changes in cheek weld, identification of position problems or changes to both.

Increase Accuracy of the Rifle and Scope by identifying the optical axis of the scope and appropriate head position without the need for extensive head movement drills.

Rapid Acquisition of the Target and aiming solution.

Increase the efficiency of training with fewer rounds unaccounted for, or that provide minimal feedback.

Can be utilized immediately on zeroed or unzeroed scopes with quick and minimal adjustment.

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Helpful Hints

To darken "halo effect" around target, try reversing window in cover housing.

To darken or enhance "halo effect", darken countersunk area with a Black or Red (depending on desired effect) "Sharpie" pen